October 13, 2009

Now to Caffeinated Code

Several times I have ventured into blogging only to fall vastly behind and effectively stop posting. Well I wanted to bring forward my past articles into this new blog, start fresh and clean.

My plan for the blog is to start out on a monthly basis posting a full article, longer term this will transition to a more frequent basis hopefully to the point of multiple posts each week. I have never been an avid writer so this is also an exercise at improvement in that regard and with that a lesson on what works for me, so far that is mostly free-form with a bit of internal mind mapping mixed in for good measure. One of the toughest things for me to get over is pressing the publish button, is the grammar OK, is it structurally sound, blah, blah. I really have to work on that one.

Update 11/5/09 - I removed much of this post as it had to do with my goals, to keep things clean that is now a separate blog at goals.caffeinated-code.com

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