June 16, 2008

Welcome to Caffeinated Code

Welcome to Caffeinated Code!
It has been my desire to start a blog documenting my experience, questions, and answers in relation to information technology. I think blogging is one of the best modes to accomplish this. Everyone knows the internet is full of information; sorting and locating it is difficult. There is a lot of cognitive friction and wasted time involved in searching for that information. A blog is a great way to glue all those pieces together in one place.
I am a GUI and application developer, working primarily with Java 6 and SWT. I have experience with PERL, Ruby, C/C++, Assembly, embedded C, hardware development… Thus Caffeinated Code is intended to revolve around programming, design, and human machine interaction. I am known for my wild tangents so be prepared for thin connections. In the interest of full disclosure my goals here are for my benefit, I want a place where I can document information I find useful and use it later. Providing this information in a public forum is a two way street. I hope to extend benefit to those of you looking for similar information, where a question is laid out and people can add from their experiences. Comments do a great job linking information together as well as provides insight into that information; as Jeff Atwood stated in A Blog Without Comments Is Not a Blog:
Personally, I’ve found that the comments can be the best, most informative part of a blog. Anyone who has visited Amazon and skipped directly to the user reviews will know exactly what I’m talking about.
Hopefully the tidbits of information, observations, questions, answers, comments, and posts begin to provide a place where the community can learn, find, and communicate.